Fake News Fairytale – #2: The Busy Border Beavers And The Dam


Years of peace in the Enchanted Forest are disrupted after a group of otters moves in without first getting permission from the Head Gnome of the forest. Some want to welcome these new visitors, while others believe all the rules of the forest must be obeyed and the otters must go.

Narrator: Dave Stripling
Burt the Beaver: Darren Marlar
Becky the Beaver: Amy Jacobson
Betty the Beaver: Jen DeSalvo
Billy the Beaver: Quin McCarthy
Barry the Beaver: Justin Kosek

Story by:
Jen DeSalvo

Written by:
Keith Conrad

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Fake News Fairytale – #1: The Kneeling Knights & The King’s Chirping Birds


There is unrest in a far off, magical land after a knight kneels before the royal jousting competition. The King takes it as a personal insult and makes his displeasure known to all of the citizens. Soon the kingdom is engulfed in strife and conflict.

Narrator: Jen DeSalvo
Villager: Dan Deibert
Villager: Brian Fraley
King’s Bird: Justin Kosek

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Geek/CounterGeek – #102: Star Trek Discovery vs The Orville


The new trailer for Star Wars: The Last Jedi has dropped, and both Elliott Serrano and Keith Conrad believe the people at Disney may be trying to fool all of us.

Elliott shares his review of Blade Runner 2049.

Plus, Elliott and Keith discuss which show is actually pulling off the better version of Star Trek, Discovery or The Orville.

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I Cannot Believe That Just Happened


Last year at this point in the MLB postseason, the Cubs were playing the San Francisco Giants in California. Because of the time difference –and my early morning work schedule– I only saw the first couple of innings. They did not go well for the Cubs, and I decided that despite my desire to see the entire postseason as long as the Cubs were in it… I would call it a night. I woke up expecting to see the Cubs had lost and the two teams would be headed back to Wrigley for Game Five on the NLDS, but I was shocked to find the Cubs had beaten the Giants with an amazing late rally and were headed to the National League Championship Series for the second straight season.

Fast forward a year, and Kyle Hendricks was getting lit up by the Washington Nationals in Game Five, and rather than watching the rest of the game, I called it a night. Once again, they surprised me… and everyone else. They made a pretty improbably comeback in a series they weren’t expected to win, and now move on to another series they aren’t expected to win.

I don’t know what will happen next, but at the very least this team has proven that the post-loosing streak era will be pretty fun to watch.