Geek/CounterGeek – #110: Movie Re-Boot Request List

Keith Conrad desperately tries to talk Elliott Serrano off of the ledge, as he has become increasingly grumpy about the Star Wars franchise.

Keith has a conspiracy theory about the big reveal in the latest episode of Star Trek Discovery.

Plus, Elliott and Keith try to compile a list of movies that should be rebooted, since all movies seemed destined for a reboot.

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Geek/CounterGeek – #109: Is The Age Of Superhero Movies Coming To An End?

Gillian Anderson says she’s done with the X-Files after this season. After the first episode, Elliott Serrano is ready to be done too. Keith Conrad says episode two is an improvement.

Plus, Liam Cunningham from Game of Thrones is the latest in the long line of people to say that the age of superhero movies is coming to an end. Is he right?

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Fake News Fairytale – #11: Don’t Shine It On The Mountain

The people of a far off kingdom are sent into a panic when one of their trusted public servants accidentally sends out a warning that they are about to be under attack.

Peasant: Dave Stripling
Peasant: George Hoffmann
Guard: Quin McCarthy
Guard: Justin Kosek
Narrator: Jen DeSalvo

Written by: Keith Conrad

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