Gabatron Morning Briefing – 6-1-16: Who Wears Short Shorts?

A woman is all upset at JetBlue after she was told her shorts were too short to fly. The pilot thought people with young children might be offended. The airline has come out and said they support their pilots decision. Would you even think twice about what someone else is wearing on an airplane?

A company in Elgin is raking in giant piles of money building tiny houses. The only problem is most suburbs in the Chicago area don’t allow tiny houses. People are worried about tiny property values. Is the tiny house phenomenon better left in weird places like Portland or would you be fine with them in your neighborhood?

The highlight from Donald Trump’s press conference on Tuesday? He called a reporter from ABC News a “sleaze”.

Speaking of Trump, someone hacked four digital roadside signs in Texas. They re-programmed them to say things like “Go back home, work is canceled!” “Bernie for President” and my personal favorite “Donald Trump is a shape-shifting lizard”

History Channel has a remake of Roots that’s airing right now, and there’s one person who isn’t one bit happy about it. Snoop Dogg posted a profanity-laced video on Instagram calling on people to boycott it. He said that instead of constantly making things looking back at slavery, people should talk about what’s going on now.

Do you remember the Florida gun store owner who declared his business a “Muslim-free zone” last year? He hadn’t been in the news for a while, so now he’s selling targets with pictures of President Obama, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders.

This story has everything: Vegans, neo-Nazis and of course encased meats. The owners of a vegan cafe in the country of Georgia say group of neo-Nazis started throwing grilled meat at their protein averse patrons. When the owners tried to get the sausage-wielding neo-Nazi’s to disperse, the owner says that neighbors who aren’t fans of the cafe came to their defense, and the fight spilled over into the street.

A new growth industry? Single women are paying $80 an hour for some non-sexual cuddling. So far the company in question is on the east coast, but looking to expand. Their clients vary from men and women too busy to find a more traditional cuddle buddy to elderly couples.

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