Gabatron Morning Briefing – 5-20-16: We’ve Met Big Brother, And It’s You

Ald. Ray Lopez wants to offer $200 rebates as an incentive for homeowners to install exterior surveillance cameras. Theoretically, the cameras could then be linked to the city’s existing camera network. How would feel about giving Big Brother a good view of your front yard?

The city of Chicago lost about 2,890 residents between 2014 and 2015. If you include the suburbs, it’s actually over 6,200 people. We’re in real danger of being surpassed by Houston for the 3rd largest. Is it crime? Taxes? Corruption? How can we make Chicago great again?

The TSA is getting tired of receiving all of the blame for the gigantic lines at security checkpoints around the country. While they admit that staffing issues are partially responsible, they also put on a demonstration to show you are to blame as well. Everybody’s bringing in prohibited items, and they say that is adding to wait times as well.

Denny Hastert has been ordered to report to prison on June 22nd. They still have not yet release what facility he’ll be banging the gavel at for his 15 month sentence.

Thursday was officially “I know you are, but what am I?” Day in the Presidential campaign. Hillary Clinton told CNN that Trump is not qualified to be President because he doesn’t understand the responsibilities of the job. Trump than responded that Hillary Clinton is the one unqualified to be POTUS.

You ever hear those stories about people dying immediately after they retire? Morley Safer died at the age of 84 a week after retiring from 60 Minutes.

A woman in New York decided it was a good idea to wear a hat reading “America Was Never Great” to her job at Home Depot. She says she’s gotten a death threat or two.

Simply because this outrage had been knocked out of the new by all of the transgender bathroom outrage: A new poll says 9 in 10 Native Americans are not bothered by the Washington Redskins name.

On Sunday morning, Mars, Earth and the sun will line up perfectly in the sky. It happens every two years just about the time Mars is in opposition with the Earth, that’s the time when they are closest together.

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