Gabatron Morning Briefing – 4-29-16: Things Get A Little More Drafty

House committee votes to require women to register for the draft. All combat positions are now open to women, so is there really any reason to leave women out of the draft? I have no problem with anyone being included in the draft, since I am no longer of draft age. Military leaders maintain that the all-volunteer force is working and the nation is not returning to the draft. Of course, if something happened to change that, we’d undoubtedly need all the help we could get. Interestingly, Duncan Hunter proposed the bill but voted against it. He wanted to make a point about women serving in combat, he never thought it would actually pass.

An update on the Lincoln Park sign hostage situation: The Chicago Republican Party has taken down their illegal sign. It wasn’t because it was deemed illegal and they decided to comply with the long arm of the law. It was because a vandal tore the sign. Chris Cleveland says he’ll replace the sign, at a cost of $1500, which is three times the cost of getting it permitted.

“Indigenous Peoples’ Day” will replace Columbus Day in the city of Evanston. I get why people would be less than thrilled with Christopher Columbus, there are actually a number of perfectly valid reasons. How about “Explorer’s Day”? You could honor a wide range of people, from Lewis and Clark to Neil Armstrong.

Someone has started a petition asking the Denver Broncos to bring back Tim Tebow. He needs a job, they need a new QB. It seems like a match made it… heaven. No pun intended.

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