Weird Darkness – “Deliverer of Souls to the Underworld”

Welcome to “Weird Darkness.” In this episode we explore some legends you have likely never heard of!

What would you think of a tiny spirit living in your home in order to protect it? We’ll learn about a creature known as the Domovik.

A frightening version of the Grim Reaper invades Europe… and they call him the Ankou.

And in ancient Greece, 49 maidens are condemned to live in Hades forever.

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“Domovik In The House”…avic-beliefs/

“The Maids of Eternal Hades”

“The Deliverer of Souls to the Underworld”…e-underworld/

You can hear a sample of the audiobook “Saying Goodbye” on the audiobooks page

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Creator/Host, Darren Marlar

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