Gabatron Morning Briefing – 4-13-16: Throw (Everyone Except) Mama From The Train

Some people are saying Chicago should consider female-only trains to prevent sexual harassment and sexual assaults. Transit systems in Japan, Germany, Indonesia, India, Egypt, Mexico and Brazil already feature women-only rail cars. They aren’t exactly bastions of gender equality though.

You can take the interim tag off of Eddie Johnson, the city council approved him without incident. They did ask him to improve the department’s connection with the community

The task force investigating the handling of the Laquan McDonald shooting says the Chicago Police must “acknowledge its racisthistory and overhaul its handling of excessive force allegations.” The report will be handed over to Mayor Emanuel this week.

You can stand down from Post Office eminent domain alert. Mayor Emanuel says he’s OK with the plan to sell the property to a new developer and won’t be seizing it after all.

Chicago’s war on rats is escalating. The city will be doubling the number of rodent control crews for Streets and Sanitation. There will also be a rat task force. No word on if this task force will be *about* rats, or actually *made up* of rats.

Gird your loins, a breastfeeding mom is upset. A woman in North Carolina was kicked out of a courtroom for breastfeeding. The judge admonished her, saying she should know doing that was inappropriate in a courtroom. Think about it this way: Would you whip out a sandwich and expect to start eating in a courtroom?

Two brothers decided it was a good idea to prank their sister who just had her wisdom teeth pulled and was still high on medication. They went all Orson Welles on her and convinced her there was a zombie outbreak going on. She freaked out, as you might expect, and totally believed it. At one point they tell her they are going to Mexico, where they will be safe from the zombies, but they can only take one pet and make her choose between he dog and cat. It’s amazing.

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