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Weird Darkness – #21: Ghostly Car in Detroit, Ouija Board Ghost & Weird Call

Do you have dark tale to tell? Fact or fiction, share your own story at www.WeirdDarkness.com. We might use it on a future episode!

“Ghostly Car in Detroit” submitted anonymously

“A Meeting With God” written by G. Michael Vasey (from the book “My Haunted Life”)

“A Visitor From Vietnam” submitted anonymously

“Patient Speaks On The Radio While In Surgery” submitted anonymously

“Ouija Board Ghost” submitted anonymously

“Weird Call” submitted anonymously

You can find links to these stories or the authors in this show’s description. Stories used on “My Haunted Life Toosdays” can be found at www.MyHauntedLifeToo.com!

The audiobook “Caught In The Web” by Jason R. Davis is on the audiobooks page atwww.WeirdDarkness.com.

Music by Shadow’s Symphony

All content and orchestration in “Weird Darkness” is used by permission of the authors and composers.

Copyright Marlar House Productions, 2016.

Rebroadcast or duplication without express written permission is strictly prohibited.

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Creator/Host, Darren Marlar

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