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Car Con Carne – #42: Dear Frank’s with David Allen from Mr. Blotto

Imagine being told you had a mass on your brain and that it had to come out immediately. Now imagine coming out of that surgery and not having control over one of your arms. That’s what happened to James VanOsdol’s childhood friend David Allen, who’s had to take a new approach to his piano-playing career: He’s now playing gigs one-handed.

David’s a world class keyboard talent who spent the 90s and early 00s as part of the successful jam band Mr. Blotto. More recently, he’s been tearing up local events and seducing large Wrigleyville crowds as part of “Dueling Pianos.” With only his left hand on the keys, he’s inspiringly returned to the circuit, playing a few gigs a week.

David and James visit Dear Frank’s in Glenview and talk about David’s struggles, victories and the positive attitude that got him through. Sport peppers threaten the sincerity of the moment, as they lead James to uncontrollably hiccup off-mic.

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