Gabatron Morning Briefing – 7-13-15: Putting Your Kid In A Rickety Van

Are you bothered by your teen calling you for a ride home in the middle of the night when you should be getting some much-needed sleep? A new app called “Shuddle” is billing itself as “Uber for kids.” It works the same way, parents set up rides for their kids. Are parents who use something like this putting their little tax breaks in danger or just making use of technology?

Interesting Stat of the Day: 4 million. That’s the number of people who are currently wearing braces in the United States, according to the American Association of Orthodontists.

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker is expected to announce that he is running for the Republican Presidential nomination in 2016.

In technology news, Katherine Archuleta, is resigning as the head of the Office of Personnel Management.

The New York Post reports that Bill Cosby’s wife Camille told a group of close professional advisors that she believes her husband’s accusers consented to both drugs and sex.

Plus, Breaking Bad star Bryan Cranston was asked a particularly stupid question about the show’s filming location, and his response brought the house down at Comic Con.

Each morning Keith Conrad will give you a few stories useful for starting conversations around the water cooler at work. Assuming that your office actually has a water cooler.

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