Gabatron Morning Briefing – 3-16-15: Beloved Dictator Found

Russian head honcho Vladimir Putin has re-emerged after 10 days of being missing in action. He didn’t saw where he has been for the last week and a half, but did say that without gossip, life would be boring.

Robert Durst has been arrested after he allegedly admitted to killing his wife on the HBO documentary “The Jinx” about the death of his first wife.

Disney CEO Bob Iger says that the studio will prohibit smoking in films made for kids. Exceptions will be made for historical context. Does seeing smoking on screen lead to real-life smoking?

The CDC says that several Americans will return from West Africa to be monitored after possibly being exposed to Ebola.

An Indiana man stopped at a garage sale and a painting caught his eye. He couldn’t quite afford the steep $1 asking price so he haggled them down to $.50. He then had the painting appraised and found out it is worth somewhere in the neighborhood of $10,000.


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