Gabatron Morning Briefing – 3-11-15: Change You Can Believe In

Ashton Kutcher broke the Internet yesterday by taking to Facebook to complain about the fact that it’s so hard to find a men’s room with a diaper changing station. It’s interesting that it took Ashton Kutcher complaining about it to bring the problem to our collective consciousness.

Parents all around the country have discovered a new way to shuttle their little tax breaks to school and other activities: They are using ride-sharing service Uber.

A suburban Chicago mother of three became so frustrated at her children’s TV viewing that she fired multiple gunshots at her 50-inch flat-screen television. Apparently they were watching a music video from the band Primus, she couldn’t take it anymore and went all Elvis Presley on the TV

Plus, a State Representative in Georgia is proposing legislation that would prohibit scientists from attempting to create human-animal hybrids in laboratories by experimenting with DNA.

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