Geek/CounterGeek – #98: Sarah Connor vs. Wonder Woman


There seems to be some trouble brewing in the Galaxy far far away. Lucasfilm and Disney announced that Jurassic World director Colin Trevorrow will not be directing Star Wars Episode IX after all. Elliott Serrano and Keith Conrad discuss just how worried we should be.

Plus, James Cameron set off a firestorm of controversy when the complained about the praise for Wonder Woman. He said the character was just a typical Hollywood objectified email, and if you want a strong woman lead character you need look no further than his classic character Ellen Ripley and Sarah Connor.

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Geek/CounterGeek – #97: Must-See Nuclear War Movies


The Hollywood Reporter has broken the news that Disney is officially putting together an Obi Wan Kenobi movie that could hit theaters in 2020 as the next standalone film after the Han Solo movie. Elliott and Keith talk about what adventure they’d like to see Ben tackle.

Plus, in light of the fact that we have narrowly avoided nuclear war with North Korea… for now. Elliott and Keith take a cheerful trip through the best movies about nuclear war.

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Geek/CounterGeek – #96: Ranking the Indiana Jones Movies


Star Trek Discovery is changing the Klingons yet again. We’ve known this since the first trailer and pictures dropped, but Alex Kurtzman told an audience at STLV there’s a reason for it. Bryan Fuller came up with the design, and there is actually some pretty solid reasoning behind it.

Patrick Stewart told the crowd at STLV that The Inner Light is his favorite episode of Star Trek The Next Generation. It’s not the first time he’s picked that episode, and Keith has a theory about why.

Plus, Steven Spielberg has once again picked Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom as his least favorite of the Indy movies. Keith agrees that it’s in the bottom half of the rankings, while Elliott is a little more bullish on it.

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